Online Package

This online package is designed to help you practice in the comfort of your own home with support from me over 4 weeks.

This package begins as soon as you sign up.  

This Package includes;

-Welcome Email and details for 4 weeks of Yoga and Pilates

-Videos and helpful tips sent directly to your inbox each week

-Support to questions or queries you have throughout the 4 weeks by email

-Motivation and encouragement



Week One: Its all about the Base!-The focus this week will be on the feet, hands and wrists for Yoga and Pilates.

Week Two: Coretastic!- The focus this week will be on strengthening the core with Pilates.

Week Three: Strong Legs! - The focus this week is on leg strengthening for Yoga and Pilates.

Week Four: Find your Flow!- The focus this week is on combining everything learnt to date in a flowing Yoga sequence.


Who is this package suitable for?

This package is suitable for beginners to intermediate levels.  It covers some fundamentals in Yoga and Pilates to compliment classes you attend and give you some extra guidance and motivation to practice at home.

If you are interested in this package and would like to purchase the 4 weeks, please follow the link below.  If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to Contact Me

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