January 2019

The Inchicore Sports and Social Club

2019 Community Courses in Inchicore

January Courses

6 week Courses from Week January 14th

Tuesdays January 15th, 22nd, 29th, Feb 5th, 12th, 19th

Beginners Yoga and Mindfulness with Eilis

This 6 week course is suitable for beginners and those with some experience. Eilis will weave the principles of Yoga along with Mindfulness practices for a complete sense of well being in your week.

6 Week Course €90

Thursdays Jan 17th, 24th, 31st, Feb 7th, 14th, 21st

Yoga and Pilates for Beginners with Naomi


This 6 week course is for complete beginners or those who want to refresh. The movements will focus on the fundamentals of Yoga and Pilates for overall health and wellbeing. Each week will also include breath work, meditation and relaxation. This will be a perfect course to start the New Year:-)

6 Week Course €90

Thursdays Yoga Flow and Strengthening with Naomi


This 6 week course is for those with 6+ months experience or who have attended courses with Naomi previously. Each week will include Yoga strengthening and flowing sequences with a focus on breath work, meditation and relaxation. There will be a focus on specific areas of the body for a sense of overall balance, strength and mobility.

6 Week Course €90

Urban Space, Ranelagh

Yoga and Coffee

Monday Mornings 11am-12.15pm (Re-starting again soon….)

These classes are inspired by conversations with those who work from home or on varied schedules out of sync with the regular 9-5. These classes will be for those who love Yoga, fellow Yoga teachers, and who those want to motivated and inspired in a group setting with others. On the mat I will guide a practice to spark your progression, with movements to condition, strengthen and mobilise your body. These sessions will allow for questioning, breaking down and re building, for learning and fun.

We will have time for relaxation and each session will be followed by some coffee/tea:-)


‘Focus and Align’

Yoga and Mental Wellbeing Workshop

My Yoga Body, Dun Laoghaire


January 12th 2019

Do you find that you appreciate Yoga in the moment when you are practicing and then on a day to day basis get drawn back into the overwhelm? In our current time where our attention is being demanded upon in all directions, when we can lose ourselves and our time in hours of entertainment, distraction and consumption- we need more than ever to find our ability to ‘Focus and Align’ with who we are and want to be.

This workshop is for you, if you are a Yoga teacher and you find you have a thousand ideas and have trouble focusing on and taking action on one, if you are a Yoga student who appreciates and values the space Yoga provides and want to enhance your capabilities of applying that to your everyday. If you simply love Yoga and find this medium the best for you to learn and grow.

This workshop will draw on a range of practices to give you the tools and skills to refine your time on the mat and out into your day. The aim is to create a space where participants can tap into a sense of self and shared learning, physically, mentally and soulfully. We will move through a thoughtful and focused physical practice and ground and centre in breathing and seated practices. You will be led through some written tasks, deep listening and shared discussions.

Naomi has created this workshop for you to begin your year with all of your intentions, and also with a sense of how to stay focused on them. Naomi’s passion in teaching is taking the art and beauty of Yoga and transforming it to your daily actions and life with true understanding and awareness. Naomi will draw on her work as a teacher, her studies in Psychology and her experience in life. The space created will be nourishing, safe, open and insightful.