One To One Sessions and Programming

These sessions can help you really get to the heart of your movement;

Learn correct alignment, correct technique, improve your strengths and work on your weaknesses.  

You will receive direct attention and feedback that may not always be possible in a full class setting. 

These sessions will benefit those who have experienced injuries, who wish to prevent injuries, or who generally wish to improve movement, strength and flexibility.  

These sessions can be great for anyone participating in other sports or activities also.  Through a couple of sessions and setting out home practice plans, you will be given the correct tools and knowledge to improve overall performance.

Please email me to enquire further or to book sessions

‘I have been having private classes with Naomi for the past year and a half and it’s the best money I have ever spent. As a working mum, it is very difficult to make time for yourself, so having Naomi come to my house weekly for one-to-one lessons is fantastic. Naomi is so experienced and is an excellent teacher. She very quickly tuned into my body and capabilities, working on the exercises I need to do to improve flexibility, posture and overall muscle strength. For someone who never did yoga before, I am thoroughly enjoying it. I have noticed a big difference in myself and I now realise where my muscle weaknesses are and what I need to work on. It is a work-out, but a very enjoyable one. I am delighted to have found Naomi and to be working with her.’ Olivia, 2019



'The one on one sessions have helped me overcome huge physical insecurities because I have been given the opportunity to work at my own pace and learn how my body works. Your dedication as a teacher e.g. sending emails with routines to practise has been incredibly helpful. In general I would find it very overwhelming trying to figure out how to go about practising or improving on my own so the focused attention removes a lot of barriers. Also you have a really great way of articulating and demonstrating throughout the classes which is great.'


'Meeting Naomi for a one to one session was really beneficial.  I had a focused list of things I wanted to talk about and areas I wanted to cover.
Naomi listened and helped me to understand the issues more clearly and then gave me a variety of solutions to address the problems, all of which were clearly demonstrated.
I learned more about my specific issues in the one to one session with Naomi than in a group setting. The session was shorter than the class but more focused and I could practise there and then and get individual feedback.  I can now bring the lessons learned into a group setting.'


"I am recovering from an injury to my upper thighs, glutes, t-bands and quads. Naomi gave me very specific yoga exercises to target these areas combined with some physio exercises.  I commenced these exercises last week and already see a big difference. Thanks Naomi."


'I thought meeting Naomi 1:1 was beneficial to devise an individual plan that targeted my needs. I got to ask Qs that probably wouldn't have had time to explore as deeply within the group setting.  It was a great opportunity for 1:1 demonstrations and guidance to correcting poses and exercises.'