Movement-Mental Wellbeing-Soulful Connection

My approaches and methods have evolved over the years and I continually challenge myself personally to integrate relevant knowledge, societal shifts and what is working into all of my classes. 


I teach Yoga and Pilates classes focusing on purposeful movement with consistent and dedicated practice to  develop progression. There is an emphasises on a healthy blend of mindfulness and self enquiry so that individuals can develop awareness, feel empowered, inspired and find their own unique way towards happiness and growth.

True health and balance involves your body and your mind.  

‘My overall philosophy is that we can all experience integration and connection and this starts with ourselves.’

At the core of my own practice and teaching is the concept of challenging ourselves to grow and learn.  I feel that through taking time to connect to ourselves we can gain greater understanding, clarity and appreciation for ourselves and others. Part of our growth and development means cultivating commitment and we also need the support of teachers and others.

MY Teaching Approach

My Yoga classes are inspired by Hatha and Vinyasa styles of Yoga and also by my own strength and conditioning training for rock climbing with movements that I find beneficial for the body.  I have trained in a range of complimenting modalities including FRC and I love focusing on particular aspects of the body to develop within classes and to also integrate flowing sequences. I encourage each individual to challenge themselves to their own abilities in all postures. Movements are taught with a focus on alignment, breathing and relaxation. I wish to create an atmosphere in classes that supports the down regulation of our nervous system, providing nourishing benefits physically, emotionally and mentally.


I have always been quite active and involved in lots of different activities such as swimming, rock climbing and running.  Core strengthening  is therefore an important aspect of my daily practice, accompanying the practice of Yoga.

I find the movements in Pilates excellent in developing core awareness and work really well with Yoga.

I include core strengthening as part of many of my classes and all combined Yoga and Pilates classes include the best of both practices to allow for overall balance in the body, developing strength and flexibility.


I have been attending yoga classes with Naomi for about a year and have absolutely loved every session. I have attended a lot of yoga classes in the past with different teachers, and only really viewed it as a way to get fit. With Naomi, as well as getting a great workout, I feel like she has allowed me to really progress my practice and help me understand what I'm doing and how I can influence my body and mind. I would and have recommended her classes to anyone! 


Naomi is unpretentious with a lot of humour and good nature. She brings her extensive knowledge of yoga to the class in a way that is accessible to us all. I have been attending Naomi's classes for over a year and I always leave every class feeling inspired. She creates a safe environment to teach us not only the yoga poses and meditations but also lessons in how we can bring what we learn on the mat into our lives.


Naomi is always so positive, her classes are enjoyable and allow you to challenge yourself. Her instructions are easy to follow and she is full of encouragement.

Aisling Ryan

I have been attending yoga classes with Naomi since late 2015 right into the new year and I must say, I really enjoyed every single session. I have found her mentoring techniques to be excellent, from the use of clear, colourful and descriptive language to the right guidance and demonstration of movement to help me improve my form and abilities. Wholeheartedly loving yoga,

Eric Whelan

I have been attending Naomi's classes for about 2 years now and I look forward to them every week. She is a very attentive and encouraging teacher and her instructions are easy to follow. She also incorporates a nice mixture of different themes, meditation and postures, so I always come away having learned something new, and there is always time for a laugh and a smile in the classes too!


Naomi is naturally an excellent teacher who is very much in tune with her students' needs, levels and abilities. She has a wonderful ability to put everyone in her class at ease, while also ensuring that everyone is progressing in the correct way. I could not recommend her highly enough.

Ciara Walsh

Naomi teaches her classes with infectious enthusiasm combined with a depth of knowledge and care, coupled with kind humour which helps greatly as you hold that pose for another few seconds... A wonderful teacher,passionate about sharing her practice and keenly interested in helping her students develop;progress and grow their practice. 


I have been taking Naomi's class for about 4 years now. Naomi is an excellent instructor. There is always a great sense of calm and encouragement in her classes. I feel that Naomi brings out a lot of people during a class, especially when it comes to trying new things and pushing oneself. I always leave class with a clear head and knowing that I learned something new about yoga and myself.


I have been attending class with Naomi for the last 3 years and I have to say they are a joy. Naomi is an excellent teacher and her classes are fun, well paced and informative. She has a great way of explaining postures to ensure you get the best out of them. She has a very personal approach and you leave the class feeling like she really knows you and is there to help. 

Emma Robinson

Naomi’s class is at 7am on a Monday morning, a horrific time from a bone fide non morning person and yet I find myself setting the alarm clock to be there on time.  Her classes seem gentle but are very precise with a strong flow yet done in a gentle calm thoughtful manner.  You feel renewed and ready for the day after her class! Naomi is an inspiring teacher who challenges your body but calms your mind.