Kitty Maguire 'Pleasure in the Practice'

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In this episode I sat down with the lovely Kitty Maguire.

Kitty is a Yoga teacher specialising in Yin Yoga and Yoga for Women’s bodies. She is the host of a range of special events annually for Women and she teaches weekly in studios in Dublin.

It was an absolute pleasure chatting to Kitty, she oozes enthusiasm, warmth and passion. She is a true gem and I hope you enjoy listening:-)

In the episode we chat about;

-Her background and classical ballet training

-Her first experiences with Yoga

-Yoga as an invitation to community and connection

-The repeal Referendum and her involvement in 2018

-Realisations of the importance of self support and self care

-Yoga teachers NOT having it all together

-Social media effects on Yoga teachers

-Looking at emotions in a developmental way

-Finding pleasure in the practice

You can find out more about Kitty at


Books: ‘The Artists way’ Julia Cameron

Sarah Doyle 'Compassion and Care'

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In this episode I sat down with Sarah Doyle.  Sarah is a life coach based in Dublin and we talked about a lot.  it was a real pleasure to chat with Sarah about work and life, she was extremely generous with her time and thoughts.  

In this episode we discuss;

-What life coaching is

-How her career as a life coach has evolved and changed

-Self Compassion, how we cannot control everything

-Miscarriage and loss

-Allowing uncomfortable feelings

-Setting boundaries and self care for carers

-Becoming a mother

-Self employment and what it takes

-Facing setbacks

You can find out more about Sarah at


Books: Brene Brown, ‘The gifts of Imperfection’

Marie Forleo

Sheryl Sandberg, ‘Option B’

Kristin Neff, ‘Self Compassion’