Katie Coldrick 'Infectious Enthusiasm'

In this episode I sat down with the wonderful Katie Coldrick.

Katie is a Yoga teacher, an amazing creative soul and fabulous chef. She offers Immersive Outdoor Experiences, including Surfing, Climbing, Yoga and yummy food. She also makes beautiful Pottery and runs creative workshops for individuals.

It was an absolute pleasure chatting to Katie, she certainly exudes infectious enthusiasm and I hope you enjoy listening:-)

In the episode we chat about;

-Her interest and passion in Outdoor activities

-Her physical experiences in her childhood and school

-How her Outdoor experiences inform her Yoga

-Nature and the concept of Interdependence and non separation

-Repatterining Habitual responses

-Leaning into resistance

-Eating delicious food made with love

-The importance of imitation allowing space for intuition

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Clare Mulvany 'The Power of Stories'


I first got to know Clare online, as I worked with her through creative explorations over the course of a year. The first time we met in person was recording this podcast and it was a real treat.

Clare is a true lady and she inspires me in her way with words and her perspective on life.

In this episode Clare and I chat about;

-Clare’s perspective on social change

-Concept of internal and external change

-Self Care

-Seasons and our relationship to them

-Soul Centric Growth

-Yoga, Sea Swimming, relationship to ourselves and nature

-How to inform change

-The power of stories

-Considering death as a daily practice

-Meaning of words


-Crafting Narratives

-The learning process

-The wolf you choose to feed

one wild life photo.jpg


Books mentioned:

Soul Craft-Bill Plotkin

Walk out Walk on- Margaret Wheatley

One Wild Life-Clare Mulvany (Video of Clare speaking on her book, and reading extracts HERE)