Katie Coldrick 'Infectious Enthusiasm'

In this episode I sat down with the wonderful Katie Coldrick.

Katie is a Yoga teacher, an amazing creative soul and fabulous chef. She offers Immersive Outdoor Experiences, including Surfing, Climbing, Yoga and yummy food. She also makes beautiful Pottery and runs creative workshops for individuals.

It was an absolute pleasure chatting to Katie, she certainly exudes infectious enthusiasm and I hope you enjoy listening:-)

In the episode we chat about;

-Her interest and passion in Outdoor activities

-Her physical experiences in her childhood and school

-How her Outdoor experiences inform her Yoga

-Nature and the concept of Interdependence and non separation

-Repatterining Habitual responses

-Leaning into resistance

-Eating delicious food made with love

-The importance of imitation allowing space for intuition

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Kitty Maguire 'Pleasure in the Practice'

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In this episode I sat down with the lovely Kitty Maguire.

Kitty is a Yoga teacher specialising in Yin Yoga and Yoga for Women’s bodies. She is the host of a range of special events annually for Women and she teaches weekly in studios in Dublin.

It was an absolute pleasure chatting to Kitty, she oozes enthusiasm, warmth and passion. She is a true gem and I hope you enjoy listening:-)

In the episode we chat about;

-Her background and classical ballet training

-Her first experiences with Yoga

-Yoga as an invitation to community and connection

-The repeal Referendum and her involvement in 2018

-Realisations of the importance of self support and self care

-Yoga teachers NOT having it all together

-Social media effects on Yoga teachers

-Looking at emotions in a developmental way

-Finding pleasure in the practice

You can find out more about Kitty at http://www.kittymaguireyoga.com/


Books: ‘The Artists way’ Julia Cameron

Andy Myers 'Passion and purpose'

In this episode I sat down with Andy in his studio in Terenure. Andy has been running the Movement Studio for 6 years now and continues to in his words organically grow and progress.

We spoke about his background in Kickboxing, learning from injuries and experience informing how he coaches now.

His passion for learning, creating a space for people to connect, to get what they want and need and creating community.

His values in business, and how more is not always better, staying true to priorities.

Andy has a heart of gold, and is driven by a true, genuine care for creating experiences for any individual coming into his studio.

It was a pleasure chatting to him and I hope you enjoy our chat:-)

You can find out more about Andy and the studio through his website https://www.themovementstudio.ie/

Miriam Kerins Hussey 'Integrative Health Care'

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In this episode I sit down with Miriam Kerins Hussey. We chat about her career change from pharmacy to a more holistic approach. She has a great perspective on moving from a sense of the ‘sick care system’ to providing services and choices for people to heal and care for themselves in a preventative rather than treatment orientation.

Miriam is a qualified pharmacist with huge passion for holistic health and Wellbeing.

This passion has lead her to train as an Integrated Wellness and Nutritional coach as well as a Yoga instructor, and Holistic Healing Practitioner.

In her Integrated Wellness Business she is involved in the design and delivery of many executive, corporate and personal wellness retreats, seminars and programmes. She runs Yoga retreats for Mind, Body and Soul, and is an international key note speaker on health and wellness, emotional eating and more.

Miriam believes that it is the integration and union of cognitive, emotional, physical, nutritional, mental and spiritual health that leads to true health, vitality and wellness.

Her collective qualifications and expertise in both pharmaceutical and complimentary health therapies give her a unique and integrated approach to human health and wellness.

You can find more out about Miriam at www.theawakening.ie

Fiona O' Donnell 'Sitting with our Experience'

Fiona ODonnell .jpg

In this first episode of the second series, I sit down with Fiona O’ Donnell. We talk about her experience to date with Mindfulness practices and Meditation. We discuss how these practices can help people in their everyday lives and she guides us through a short Gratitude practice in this episode.

Fiona is a Lecturer on the University College Dublin’s (UCD) M.Sc. in Mindfulness Based Interventions and a Teacher Trainer on The Mindfulness Centre’s Professional Diploma in Mindfulness (MBSR).  She has a Masters in Applied Social Research from Trinity College Dublin and a Bachelor of Social Science from Queen’s University Belfast. Fiona is a qualified Reflexologist (ITEC/AOR) and is trained in Occupational First Aid.

Fiona offers mindfulness courses to people with low mood and anxiety, young people in addiction, alcohol and drug dependency and specializes in mindfulness in the work place and mindful self-compassion. She also teaches mindfulness 1-to-1. Fiona adheres to the Irish Good Practice Guidelines for Mindfulness Teachers and has participated in a number of intensive mindfulness retreats worldwide.

You can find out more about Fiona on www.mindfulness.ie

Orla McAdam 'Finding Balance'

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I first met Orla in 2013 at a special week long Acro Yoga Immersion. Since then we have crossed paths many times and I would regard her as an extremely honest, humble and inspiring Lady. She is an experienced Yoga teacher, studio owner and has excelled in many physical endeavours over the years from competing in Ironman’s, to handstanding, acro yoga and much more.

In this episode Orla and I chat about;

-Orla’s path to Yoga practice through healing from sports injuries.

-Journeying from the concept of ‘no pain, no gain’ to listening to your bodies needs.

-Using other aspects of the teaching and practice of Yoga beyond the physical elements.

-Having a well rounded movement practice

-The positive elements of a competitive mindset

-Bringing playfulness to the Yoga practice through Acro Yoga.

-Knowing oneself and self care as an entrepreneur and business owner, finding balance.

-The joy of running a studio in seeing the community expand and grow.

-Moving through the curve balls and changes in life.

-The Wim Hoff method asa tool to focus and create clarity.




Orla is completing a hiking challenge this June for charity: https://give.everydayhero.com/uk/zenergy-yoga-seven-sevens

I mentioned Stevie Haston, a climber.

Orla mentioned Deirdre Murphy, a Yoga teacher based in Dublin, if you want to get more involved in Acro, she is amazing:-)