Advance Your Teaching Skills Workshops

January 19th and 20th 2019

Hot Yoga Dublin and Yoga Next Door, Malahide


Teaching and Practicing Arm Balancing with Confidence

As a Yoga teacher there are many poses that may seem challenging or daunting to teach in groups or to individuals.  While some poses may seem scary or you would prefer to avoid them, they can bring a lot of fun and joy to your own practice and classes.  These workshops will look at how to practice and teach Arm Balancing poses, building the necessary skills in a safe and sustainable way.  You will gain knowledge and practical experience for your own personal practice and to lead your future students with confidence.

Naomi will draw from her anatomical studies, her experience in Yoga and teaching along with strength training through climbing and other modalities.


Delve deeper and explore your teaching, refresh, renew & discover....... These workshops can be attended as a series or individually:

Full attendance - 10 Hours CPD certifies with YA

Friday January 19th 6pm-9pm

Fundamental Sequencing for Arm Balancing

In this workshop you will be lead through a sequence to create and expand the necessary elements for safe and fun arm balancing exploration.

The common components of arm balancing will be broken down and discussed, how to vary sequences and how to ensure not only safety for your students but also progression and fun.

Saturday January 20th 10am - 6pm

Practicing Arm Balancing

In this session you will build on the fundamental sequencing from the first workshop and be lead through a variety of arm balances practiced in Yoga classes, including Bakasana/Crow pose and variations as well as some more complex arm balances including Asta Vakrasana and Eka Pada Galavasana.

We will take time to design creative sequences and discuss modifications, use of props, skills and options that can be added to create accessible classes for all students to enjoy.

Teaching Arm Balancing

In this session you will have time to create and deliver your own arm balancing sequences.  Gaining useful feedback, on cue-ing, communication, to greatly enhance and gain competence in your teaching.


Past CPD Workshops in 2018

Friday 19th January 6pm - 9pm

‘Yoga for Real Life’
Using Yoga Philosophy and Psychology effectively in your teaching

The ancient texts and the ideas, concepts and themes proposed can be enlivened through your teaching.
What is important is how you as a teacher in your current life can make these texts and philosophies relevant, understandable and useful to yourself and your students.

This workshop will focus on teaching modern Yoga that matters and is evolving, while keeping the light of traditional Yoga shining bright. We will dive into the Yoga Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita, two of the foundational texts of Yoga. We will look at specific sections, varying translations and your own experienced learning in your life. We will construct lesson themes shaped around our explorations.
Saturday 20th January 10am - 1.30pm

‘Yoga Sequencing for Real Bodies’
Using Movement and Anatomy to help students find freedom beyond ‘poses’

This workshop is addressing a need in Yoga to look at bodies and movements rather than poses and ‘ideals’. So many of the bodies that come to Yoga require opening up, freedom, space and connection to potential and possibilities.  

Through honing in on the fundamentals of joint movement, structural potential, and common limitations, we will create a map of how bodies can move and what can be accessed. We will look at how to sequence movements based on bodies and not poses how how poses can be enjoyed through an understanding and integration of a solid foundation. 

Saturday 2.30pm - 6pm

‘Being a Real Teacher’
Using Self Awareness and Reflection to teach from your Heart

This workshop will be an opportunity to connect to your centre and hone in on why and how you teach. We will look at the demands on teachers psychologically and how to navigate common issues, pitfalls and responsibilities. We will hone in on what is needed of a teacher in today’s Yoga landscape and how you can flourish and thrive, giving yourself and your students the best you can.