'Books are infinite in number, and time is short, therefore the secret of knowledge is to take what is essential.  Take that and try to live up to it.' - Swami Vivekananda

As we finally emerge out of the Christmas/New Years Haze, we can step into January, take time to reflect and emerge with clarity and purpose.  

In our lives there is a time for everything.  After a few weeks of perhaps a little less discipline, a lot more socialising etc., it is now a good time to take some time to yourself and take stock.

If you are looking at specific ideas or goals you have at this time of year, one thing that is key is Commitment!

In times of commitment, of dedication to a specific goal there may be sacrifices, there may be a lot of other things you have to say No to.  It may feel difficult, it may feel like its not really worth it, it may feel like you are the only one on your road when you look at friends/peers etc.......BUT with that sacrifice, with that focus, comes a sense of purpose.  With the direction of your focus and energy, you can through commitment open up spaces to learn a lot about yourself.

If we dip in and out of this or that, there may be short term enjoyment or pleasure but it is in the 'staying', it is in the moments of doubt and the moments that it feels tough that we can really learn.  Those moments are where the 'Gold' is!

'At some point it is recommended to get in one boat if you really want to get to the other shore.' - Cyndi Lee

Commitment does not have to just mean to a specific goal/target and aiming ourselves there blindly.  It does not have to mean rigidity and focusing solely on one outcome. Think of your commitment as choosing a path, a way to travel regardless of the destination.  A way to consistently tune in and listen to your body, your mind and to hear and connect to your needs and desires.

2014 for me did not exactly go according to my original plan!  Following a niggling shoulder issue, I made the decision to take a break from my climbing training and to postpone an end of year climbing trip.  A break from training can seem daunting at first, can seem inconceivable to one's routine and sense of being.  A break can seem like a 'weakness' or drop in commitment or effort, however, by taking breaks, by letting go in the name of overall progression, longevity and sustainability of a pursuit, an ultimate commitment is made.  Committing to a lifetime of an activity/pursuit, rather than short term gains or enjoyment.

This bigger picture perspective can show its head in many aspects of our lives.  If we enable ourselves to see the overall aim/goal, we enable ourselves to have much greater freedom in our paths, rather than restriction.  Commitment to these alterations/adaptations/surprises in your plans will allow you to create much more flexibility in your mind to potential, to possibilities and open up to an array of opportunities you may not have originally perceived.

In this New Year, it can feel like there are so many ideas, special offers, information being thrown at you.  A lot of these short term goals, of chopping and changing can just create more distraction to distance you from yourself.  It is important to connect to yourself, decide what you and you alone wish to commit to.  Make a decision to truly commit, regardless of all the reasons not to, of all the reasons it may feel difficult.  It is when we commit we can really see all the ways we hide from ourselves, we can get sneaky and be dishonest!  When you truly see this and open up to it, you have the power to let those habits go and embrace a more positive and open way of being.

Commitment creates mental strength.  In your challenge you will grow, you will open up and in those moments of truth, any doubt, any fears will disappear and you will find Bliss.

Happy New Year and in 2015 I wish you every health and happiness, to find your path and commit., Naomi***