So how are you doing so far this January?  According to the media, yesterday was to have been our toughest Monday of the year-so you survived that!

In my last blog post I wrote about Commitment and the idea of staying true to your goals/intentions.

So today looking a bit more at Intention and what this means for you.

In my classes I speak a lot about creating the right intention but how do you know what the right intention is?

When you do take time to connect to yourself, to breathe, to sit, to let go of all the thoughts and distractions, you will find a space is created.  In that space and in those moments, there is an opportunity to feel, to be present rather than to think.

How often do we really feel? How often do we really connect to our hearts desire?  When you feel a fire light inside, an excitement, even a nervousness at the prospect of a new idea, a new challenge.

So often we wrap ourselves up in all the 'should's', the 'have to's', 'need to's', we see all the practicalities in our lives, the expectations of others, our image.  Pressure to excel in our careers, our sports, to perform or live in a certain way can create so many thoughts and cloud our sense of ourselves and connection to our true intention.

So when sitting in that space, in that time to yourself, pick an intention that excites you, that makes you want to get out of bed in the morning.  Sometimes the action of going for that run, or avoiding that piece of cake can feel like a chore BUT if each action is so infused with your intention, you begin to live everyday in such a way that you do not even think about it anymore, you feel natural, you complete all your actions in tune with yourself and what serves you best.

If we create pressure around intentions, if we feel we are forcing, there will be a breaking point.  If however, we take the time to feel our intention, to understand why it is we want to complete certain actions, then they will become your entire way of behaving and being.

Intention is about reshifting your entire understanding and connection to yourself, about knowing how certain habits to date may have been unconsciously carried out over long periods of time but that with your intention and attention to your actions, you have infinite potential to redesign the way you move through life.