Too much information can be Toxic

I heard this phrase recently and it got me thinking....

I would have to say I definitely agree.  With so much information available to us these days right at our finger tips, it can remove us from the joy of actually experiencing something.  Like anything in life when it goes beyond a certain point, over informing can be detrimental.

The surest way to remove yourself from opinion mode and into experiencing mode is to 'do' something.  In my case, be it with climbing or yoga, as soon as I feel Im getting a little too theoretical or overloading with information, the simplest cure is to get on my mat or go climbing!  When I 'do' what I love, everything else falls away, nothing else matters, I go into the moment.

I definitely think information helps, and education is the key to success in anything but its achieving that balance, allowing time for the mind and the body.

I hear from many people new to yoga about their confusion surrounding everything 'Yoga' and its understandable as to why there may be confusion.  With so many different mixed messages on the internet, pictures, articles, videos.  This can create a great sense of overwhelm and distract us from the heart of the matter.

I find personally as soon as I spend too much time reading, viewing and generally perusing the internet, I find my mind start to go a little foggy and I find I do start questioning. With so many opinions or options or ideas being thrown out there, it can distract from what you actually enjoy or believe yourself.

In Yoga, it is spoken about in many texts the concept of going beyond thoughts, controlling your awareness in a focused way to experience a greater connection to yourself and sense of enlightenment, applying that to our modern day life, with so much going on in the mind it is important to let it go every so often.

I also have had in recent times conversations with more experienced yogis and heard similar confusion and doubt expressed with regard to which training they should pursue next or where they should study.  There is SO much information out there and trying to decipher which will be beneficial or will be of value is not so clear.

In the cases of people new to Yoga or any activity for that matter or those more experienced I would say DO more.  Go to classes, get a feel for how you sit with the practice, observe how you feel afterwards and what effects the practice has on you.  The more and more you connect to yourself the better.  Let yourself experience your body and breath connection, practice and practice some more and listen.  Questions will emerge naturally and as they do you will know what kind of information you want to seek out and what you are looking for.

Then pick up a book or two, read direct from the source, read about why yoga started, read about its evolution.  Then and only then begin to read interpretations, philosophies and modern day 'takes' on everything yoga.  Once you have established a grounding in yourself and your understanding of yoga, you can read how others understand it and you can take or leave what resonates with you.

For those more experienced yogi's looking for the next training, I would almost say the same.  Often with all the types, styles and abundance of teachers and classes we can attend it can become a little blurry as to why we entered the practice in the first place.  If you find you are ever confused, go back to your mat, sit a little longer and with time, questions will emerge, you will begin to realise what you are looking for and where you would like to go next.  Finding the training then will fall into place as you have a greater understanding of your needs.

For everyone in anything in life, staying grounded admits the drama, the noise and all those around you, will help you stay true to yourself and release any need to worry about anything someone else is doing or what is being shown on the internet!  You know what you enjoy, you know what you love and you also know even beyond all that, who you are, so any other information is toxic and crowds the mind.