What is it you wish to do with your life?

What is it you wish to do with your life?.....Read on if you are interested in taking the time to really think about this!

Throughout our day we often think about many different things and for some it boils down to a gnawing desire to find their true lives purpose.  We often ask the same questions over and over and give ourselves the same answers.  We can often feel stuck in certain situations and not know how to break cycles or repeated patterns, or how to encourage and embrace a life that we truly love and enjoy that which we are truly passionate about.

To break these cycles, it is really important to go beyond the everyday questions, to go beyond the everyday drama of who said what and when.  To go beyond dislikes of certain people in work or how this or that person behaves.  When we dig a little deeper we come to the realisation that the only reason we get caught up with any of that is because we are unsatisfied or not answering the bigger questions.

It may seem time consuming or not worthwhile but for anyone who is consumed daily with repeated thought patterns or sequences of events, that certainly becomes all in all more time consuming!

Below are some interesting thoughts and questions if you wish to reflect and think about what your lives purpose may be.......

Our life’s purpose has a number of names – some call it a calling, others their dharma, some reference as their passion or niche, but in essence what all these labels have in common is that they are unique expression of something that only you can offer the world.

Your life’s purpose is deeply personal, and it’s so ingrained in us that sometimes we overlook it, or even take it for granted.

If you’re ready to illuminate your true calling; if you’re ready to tap into your most authentic self and discover the gifts, teachings, and messages that only you can bring to the world, I invite you to take some time for self-reflection and answer the questions below.

What do you feel called to do, teach, or share?

Is there something is your life that calls to you. Remember, this calling may have little to do with your vocation or even your hobbies. Perhaps you find yourself offering advice whenever you get the chance in order to help people overcome life’s obstacles, or maybe you love to share the teachings in the latest green living book you read. Notice what you innately are called to do – are you a teacher, an observer, a care giver, a healer? It will tell you a lot about what you were put here on this earth to do.

What do people ask your advice about?

When people come to you for advice, what do they ask you about? Parenting? Healthy living? Cars? Spirituality? Technology? Home repairs? There’s no right or wrong answer here. We all have a unique set of talents and gifts, none are more valuable than others, and they are all needed.

What do people compliment you about?

If you receive a compliment, do you really listen to it and appreciate it, or do you brush it off? If you’re anything like most people out there, you likely downplay it. Instead of discouraging compliments, view them as insights into your soul. When someone gives you genuine praise, listen to what they’re telling you. They’re likely valuing an innate talent or gift that you possess, and it might be one that you don’t even think about or notice. The thing is, oftentimes the elements of ourselves that are most valued are the ones we take for granted because they seem second nature to us. We think, “doesn’t everyone love organizing?” or “doesn’t everyone feel empathy for homeless pets?”, but the truth is not everyone does feel that way or possess that talent – it’s unique to you! And, it may just be the key to your life’s purpose.

What lights you up?

What could you spend hours doing without tiring? What could you talk about endless without hitting a wall of boredom? If you had a totally free day, how would you spend it? When you take inventory of what lights you up, you start to get clear on the special role that’s been carved out just for you. Though you may think that anyone would get pleasure from spending a day hiking in the woods, it’s simply not the case. Though you may assume anyone would love to curl up with a classic novel and a cup of tea, it’s not so. There are certain things that light you up, and they light you up for a reason. Explore it.

Who do you love spending your time with?

This is a really important question to consider as you investigate your life’s purpose. Sure, we’ll likely all say we love spending time with our family and friends, but let’s dive a little deeper. What kind of person brings out the best in you? Someone who’s high-energy and a total go-getter, or would that kind of person burn you out? Perhaps, you prefer the devil’s advocate who helps you weigh life’s many possibilities, or maybe you feel you’re at your best when surrounded by the youthful energy of children. When you come to realize who you’re at your best with, you’ll also begin to realize why you’re at your best with them. You’ll notice what they’re igniting in you, and it may just be your life’s purpose.