'Fake it until you become it'!

I love love TED talks, Neal introduced me to these talks when we were travelling together a few years ago.  They are a great way of learning about so many different topics on those days when you don't feel like reading!

This talk by Amy Cuddy is in reference to our body language, not only affecting how others perceive us but also shaping how we perceive ourselves.

I just spoke about this concept in a class last night, that in Yoga classes, we put ourselves into certain Asanas/postures to gain physical benefits and changes but this in turn undoubtedly affects how we feel about ourselves on many levels.  Have you have ever been to a yoga class where you practiced handstand,or another type of arm balance and felt strong afterwards, felt this sense of joy and pride in yourself? Or in working on big opening poses like Urdhva Dhanurasana/Wheel pose and felt a sense of lift, a sense of compassion or love flood over you as you opened up? You may not be fully aware of these affects consciously but they are happening.

We convince ourselves all the time that 'This is me', 'I am like this', creating manageable boxes from which to understand and view ourselves, when the reality is we can always change, nothing is permanent.  We try to create permanence due to a fear of change.  However, any change can be uplifting and liberating and extend us into situations or experiences we never saw ourselves in or never thought possible.

This is not just a concept I have made up, as Amy Cuddy speaks in this amazing talk, she shows the science behind how we can shape ourselves to adapt to different situations and challenges by simply adapting our body language, where once you may have felt powerless, undermined or weak, you can become powerful, strong and assertive.

And if you don't feel ready, fake it until you become it!

Enjoy the talk, well worth watching and make sure to share!