Stepping outside your comfort zone

Over the last few days I took part in an Acro Yoga course being run in Dublin.  I am so happy I signed up for this course, I met really nice people, had a lot of laughs and learned lots of new ways to move my body.  (click on the pictures below to see!)

Doing new things gives us an opportunity to step outside our comfort zone, to venture into the unknown. These opportunities present us with far more lessons than we originally perceived and if we stay open and receptive, the gifts we can receive are infinite.

Being a 'bit' of a perfectionist by nature and wanting to feel like I'm doing things well, the acro yoga has taught me a lot about letting go.  I found myself a lot over the few days, thinking 'ok how do i get this move right? or 'How should I do this perfectly?' I was reminded of a quote I read a few months ago...

'When perfectionism is driving us, shame is riding shotgun and fear is that annoying backseat driver'! Brene Brown

This can happen all of us in different situations, but joy and ease can only truly be attained by letting go of fear, by releasing inhibitions and judgements and just doing!

In the Acro Yoga movements, it was only by doing, by thinking less and letting go, by throwing myself in at the deep end that I could give my body and mind a chance to perceive the possible.

Im not fully there yet, but I realise that once we have mastered one aspect of learning, be it in Yoga or other sports or hobbies, there will always be another level and it is only through the joyful experience of learning and making mistakes that we can progress further. 

Yet another realm where we must let go of the ego and learn to be a beginner again,  and then enjoy that part, soak it in, when things are new and the possibilities are endless!