Benefits of Yoga and Pilates Courses

yoga and pilates Inchicore

When choosing to go to Yoga or Pilates classes, there are many options available to you now in the city.

I've been running Yoga Courses now in Inchicore for 6 years (time flies!) and I still love the courses more than ever.  The community in Inchicore is growing all the time with regulars and new faces:-)

I've been reflecting lately on what the main benefits I see to coming to courses and from my teachers point of view, here are some of the top pro's I feel stand out.......

  • Commitment: With courses you commit for a set amount of classes for a set period of time often between 4-6 weeks....I know myself as a student once I've signed in to something, I am much more likely to stick with it.  I also think there is a great positive psychological benefit to disciplining yourself to a course and seeing it through.  Our minds like accomplishments:-)


  • Consistency: Another major benefit of courses is the sense of consistency and routine you feel over the few weeks.  You can feel changes, progress and knowledge develop through consistency.  As the teacher I can also see where you can progress, what is working and what is not and can help you further along the way.


  • Community: With courses, those who sign up at the beginning remain as a group throughout and even if there is not much talking or contact in Yoga or Pilates, there is definitely a sense of shared motivation, inspiration and feeling supported by the collective energy of everyone.
naomi teaching.jpg


  • Connection: We all know how the more often we see a friend the more connected we feel to that person, and it can be the same for ourselves.  When we take that allotted time out each week to focus on our bodies, our minds, our health, the connection and bonds to making beneficial and helpful choices becomes stronger.  Through the courses you also connect to one teacher, which means, you get familiar with wording, directions and learning stages and I get to know you and make sure everything is working well and how you are feeling each week.
'I have been attending Naomi's classes for about 2 years now and I look forward to them every week. She is a very attentive and encouraging teacher and her instructions are easy to follow. She also incorporates a nice mixture of different themes, meditation and postures, so I always come away having learned something new, and there is always time for a laugh and a smile in the classes too!'