Naomi Sturdy

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My overall Philosophy is that we can experience great happiness and this starts with ourselves.  Through taking care of both our bodies and our minds we can really begin to live to our full potential.

You can find a little write up about how I started Yoga HERE

I LOVE Yoga!  It is now a part of my life and I love sharing the practice  and teaching others.

At the core of my own practice and teaching is the concept of challenging ourselves to grow and learn.  I feel that through taking time to connect to ourselves we can gain greater understanding, clarity and appreciation for ourselves and others.  I believe that each of us has a wealth of resources to deal with our lives effectively and live the lives that we love and enjoy.

My Classes

My classes are inspired by the Hatha style in which I trained and I love to also integrate flowing sequences.  I encourage each individual to challenge themselves to their own abilities and all postures and movements are taught with a focus on alignment, breathing and relaxation. 


I have always been quite active and involved in lots of different activities such as swimming, rock climbing and running.  Core strengthening  is therefore an important aspect of my daily practice, accompanying the practice of Yoga.

I find the movements in Pilates excellent in developing core strength and stability and work really well with Yoga.

I include core strengthening as part of many of my classes and all combined Yoga and Pilates classes include the best of both practices to allow for overall balance in the body, developing strength and flexibility.


  • Over 10 years of teaching experience
  • Over 1,000 hours of Yoga and Pilates teaching and Yoga Alliance certified E-RYT 200 
  • Experienced in teaching sports groups, schools groups and community classes, workshops and private one to one sessions

July 2015- Celebrating 3 Years!

  • In July 2015, Elements Yoga and Pilates celebrated 3 years of Courses, Drop In classes, Workshops, Privates and Online Services across Dublin and beyond.  Its been a super journey of learning and teaching, check out the blog HERE


  • Bsc Physical Education, University of Limerick, 2005

  • Diploma in Yoga Teaching, RYT 200, YTTC, 2011

  • Yoga for Kids, Teaching Diploma, Rainbow-Yoga for Kids, 2011

  • Pilates Instructor, NTC, 2011

  • Diploma Advanced Yoga Studies, Yoga Vidya Gurkhul, 2013



I absolutely love Naomi's classes. An experienced P.E. teacher with a lot of physical intelligence- and great technical skill herself, she brings an unexpected mix of challenge and supportiveness to each class. The classes are thoughtfully designed, the sequences are never boring, never repeated, always aiming for a particular focus. I think we are all surprised by how she gently coaxes an extra challenge out of us each time. An immensely positive teacher, her kindness and sensitivity to each practitioner is noticeable- and greatly appreciated. The energy and belief she has in yoga is infectious. I think everyone else I speak to who practices with her is as thrilled as I am to have found Elements Yoga with Naomi.

Very happy new yoga practitioner, Inchicore

'Naomi came onboard in March 2013 with a view to helping our athletes develop mobility within joints, flexibility throughout their body and prehab from injury.  To say that Naomi is knowledgable and professional is an understatement. Her sessions are goal orientated and will address the issues SHE see's within the group. The progress seen /felt by all of our athletes whom attend her sessions is blatent and has helped them progress and recover greatly!'

Dara O'Boyle, Head Coach, Fitness Performance Systems.

'From the very first class I have enjoyed Naomi's enthusiasm, patience and love of Yoga/Pilates, so much so I now attend classes with Naomi twice a week. She makes everyone feel welcome and encourages each person to work at their own level and pace. Since starting classes with Naomi my strength and flexibility has improved greatly. After each class I feel calm and relaxed.'

Emma, Castleknock.

"As a climber/athlete getting the right balance in my body is very important to me for staying injury free and healthy, Naomi makes this possible with great knowledge of strength and flexibility in the body complimented with her understanding of climbers and how we would like our body to perform in our sport. I look forward to every class."

Claire, Rock Climber

"In classes the techniques that we learned such as breathing transfer over into climbing really well, keeping your mind quiet and in tune."

Juan, Rock Climber

'Learning to tune into your breath has been really helpful in climbing but I also find it a good relaxation technique to use in a non-sporting context. The classes have also increased my overall awareness of my body and how different parts are connected and influenced by each other. And I have to mention the great core exercises!'

Alice, Rock Climber

I'm really happy with the classes at the moment. I think the Wednesday class is perfect for me, because although I find it difficult, it's not impossible and I could really feel an improvement over the last month I attended. I think you give really excellent direction and I it has been very helpful to get your individual attention here and there throughout the class.